Monday, March 7, 2016

Who is Eligible for C8 Medical Monitoring?

Did you live or work in Belpre, Lubeck, Little Hocking, Tuppers Plains, Pomeroy or Mason County (WV) before 2004 and drink the water for at least a year?
If these conditions apply to you, you are already a member of one of the largest class action lawsuits on record. As a class member, you are entitled to certain medical screenings as a condition of the settlement agreement. The medical screenings were developed in response to thefindings of the C8 Science Panel. The panel found a probable link between exposure and six medical conditions: kidney cancer, testicular cancer, ulcerative colitis, thyroid disease, high cholesterol, and pre-eclampsia (or pregnancy-induced hypertension). Class members are also entitled to a simple blood test to measure C8/PFOA.
Class members may register for the free monitoring program here: After proving eligibility, class members will select a physician to administer the applicable screenings. The cost of the physician’s consultation is also covered as part of the medical monitoring program.
This is not the C8 Health Project of 2005-2006, which helped to determine the outcome of the class action settlement. Instead, C8 Medical Monitoring is a benefit for class members whether they participated in the health project or not. Pregnant class members who develop pre-eclampsia are entitled to a home-use blood pressure monitoring device to be paid for by the medical monitoring program.
Individuals who participated in the C8 Health Project and who saved their paperwork will be able to make it through the process more quickly. Others are encouraged to participate, but will have to prove eligibility to get the ball rolling. Class members may register online or by printing a copy of the registration and eligibility forms and returning them by mail. You can also begin the process with a phone call to 1-888-499-2553 – the hotline for C8 Medical Monitoring.
DuPont has set aside $235 million for the medical monitoring program, yet few have availed themselves of the opportunity to participate in the free medical screenings - worth hundreds of dollars to each individual.
The attorneys for the class are available at to answer questions about your rights under the settlement agreement at no cost to you.
If you would like assistance filling out the required forms, send a private message to RCNN.

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