Monday, April 16, 2012

C8 Linked to Cancer in MOV Residents

An independent panel of three epidemiologists have concluded that exposure to the manufacturing substance known as C8 or PFOA is linked to two types of cancer in Mid Ohio Valley residents.

The C8 Science Panel released their new findings on Monday morning. It‘s the latest development in the class action lawsuit brought by local residents against DuPont over the presence of the manufacturing chemical PFOA, or perfluorooctanoic acid, in their drinking water. As a result of the findings, a medical panel has been established to determine what type of medical monitoring is appropriate for class members.

What began as the C8 Health Project has become the largest study ever undertaken to determine the link between PFOA exposure and cancer. An analysis of 21 types of cancer yielded two probable link findings.

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Thursday, April 12, 2012

New Findings Expected Monday

The C8 Science Panel will release their next set of probable link findings on Monday morning in Vienna, West Virginia. Health concerns to be addressed include diabetes and cancer.

The panel of three epidemiologists are wrapping up their work, which will determine the outcome of the Mid Ohio Valley class action lawsuit brought by residents against DuPont over the presence of the manufacturing substance, PFOA, in their public water supplies.

The term “probable link” is court terminology, not scientific jargon. Specifically, the C8 Science Panel was convened for the purpose of determining whether, given the available scientific evidence, there is "more likely than not" a connection between PFOA exposure and human disease in class members.

In December, the panel released their conclusion that there was an association between C8 exposure and pregnancy induced hypertension.  The panel is scheduled to release all of their findings by the end of July.

C8 Medical Panel Appointed

DuPont and attorneys for local residents who settled a class action lawsuit against DuPont in 2005 over releases of C8 or PFOA from DuPont’s Washington Works plant announced today that they have jointly selected a three member panel of independent, well-qualified and respected medical doctors – the “C8 Medical Panel” – to determine the nature and extent of whatever medical monitoring may be appropriate under the terms of the settlement.

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