Thursday, January 15, 2015

EPA Proposes C8/PFOA Restrictions

The US Environmental Protection Agency today proposed a Significant New Use Rule for several perfluoronated chemicals, including C8 or PFOA, in anticipation of a voluntary 2015 phase-out deadline.
It’s the manmade substance at the heart of a massive class action lawsuit in the Mid-Ohio Valley. DuPont has been using the chemical compound at Washington Works since the 1950’s incidentally contaminating the water, air and soil around the plant.
More than 150 alternatives have been developed for several global companies as they work to meet the EPA’s voluntary goal, including DuPont.
This proposal would require that anyone who intends to import these chemicals for any new use submit a notification to EPA at least 90 days before beginning the activity. The notice provides an opportunity for the agency to review or potentially prohibit the activity before it enters the marketplace.
The EPA reports that the agency’s action has resulted in a 41 percent reduction in human blood-levels nationwide.

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