Wednesday, April 30, 2008

GAO Blames White House for Delay in Regulatory Action on PFOA

The Government Accountability Office claims that the White House is holding up the EPA when it comes to regulatory action on PFOA – or C8 – a manufacturing substance used to make Teflon and thousands of other consumer products.

The recent report specifically blames the EPA's lack of productivity on the management decision to suspend activity pending the outcome of additional scientific studies. The GAO says that in the 1990s the EPA's general approach was to use the best science available as the basis for assessment. But, the administration's new means of assessing chemicals for harm is delaying the completion of the process - sometimes for years.

The PFOA risk assessment is used by the GAO as one prime example of such a delay. The agency says the EPA should complete chemical reviews within a reasonable amount of time and minimize the need for conducting several levels of rework.

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