Thursday, July 12, 2007

C8 Science Panel speaks . . .

The Science Panel released the following statement today:

"The C8 Science Panel welcomes the decision of Brookmar and WVU to post, as planned, the summary description of the data collected in the C8 Health Project at their websites. Access to data is available through

The C8 Health Project is now completed, and the reports they are preparing provide useful baseline information for the community as the Science Panel Community Health research program gets underway.

The Science Panel has now started its longer-term activities. The first phase will involve research to assess the relationship between C8 and various health outcomes, and the second phase will assess for the court all the evidence as to whether C8 is linked to disease. The research results, and then later the assessments, will be reported first to the court and then to the public via our website, , and more formal publications. Our research plans have been updated and explained in some detail on our website, which we invite you to visit regularly. We will be drawing on the valuable data collected by Brookmar for some of our research and collecting further data on community health, as well. We will be regularly updating the public on progress mainly through our website and the press, particularly when we have research results to share.

Work has already started and we are in the first phase of new data collection in the Half-Life Study, designed to determine how long C8 stays in the body. In response to a number of people contacting us by email, we have also re-opened the consent process for those Health Project participants wishing to be part of the next steps of the Panel's studies. Complete details are available at"

C8 Science Panel: Dr. Kyle Steenland, Dr. Tony Fletcher, Dr. David Savitz

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