Friday, July 6, 2007

Brookmar Releases Some C8 Health Project Results Online

Brookmar, court appointed administrators of the C8 Health Project, publicly released the first batch of raw data online today. The health project results can be found at by following the link to WVU Data.

So far, four categories of information have been posted to the website, which is under construction. The categories posted do not include information on C8 levels, but do include demographic characteristics, the results of clinical laboratory tests, health behaviors, and self-reported clinical diagnoses.

The data released is part of the comprehensive study of 70,000 Mid Ohio Valley residents to determine whether or not C8 can be linked to human disease. The information will be examined by a panel of three epidemiologists, known as the C8 Science Panel, who will ultimately determine the outcome of the class action suit brought against DuPont by local people who were consuming water found to be contaminated with C8.

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