Thursday, April 26, 2007


Oftentimes, talk about my book centers far too much around the title. One word in particular really bothers people who haven't read anything but the cover.

Last night an anchor from WOUB-TV in Athens asked the inevitable question, “You claim your book is an even-handed examination of the scientific evidence on C8, yet the book title refers to the manufacturing chemical as ‘lethal’. Is that fair?”

So, here’s my answer:
Yes, the word lethal is an accurate descriptor for C8. But, it was employed for the purpose of selling books – it does not represent a bias in the content.

A marketing team concocted the book title and cover – mostly without my input. They were focusing on a plethora of evidence that proves that C8 is lethal to several species of laboratory animals – as well as its potential for causing specific types of cancer and developmental effects in humans.

In fact, scientific evidence indicates that C8 is deadly for mice, rats, monkeys, and cattle. The specific risk for humans remains unclear, but a Science Advisory Board appointed by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency calls it a likely carcinogen – and that’s for humans.

Last time I checked, cancer was lethal.

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Anonymous said...

In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.

Let the revolution begin!

Wicked Woman Too